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Growing up in rural Newfoundland in a large family that was economically challenged, I was involved with reuse from a very early age.  I learned to knit mittens and socks, crochet, and make quilts and clothing using mostly recycled materials.

With this background, it was inevitable that I earn a degree in fine art with a focus on textiles, tending toward sculptural forms using traditional techniques. In 1998 I was introduced to wire and rope splicing while working as a yacht rigger.  The contents of the industrial materials recycling box came home with me as I experimented with this new medium.

Recycling is the basis of my current work because of my desire to reuse the huge variety of interesting objects that no longer have a useful life for their intended purpose. Every material has a unique nature that can be drawn out and given a new life without destroying the material’s inherent qualities.

I want to engage the unconventional art viewer through my materials and methods. Leaving all the constraints of traditional rules behind, I now use simple hand tools and my sculptures evolve through being made rather that through a preconceived plan.

I am driven by the excitement of discovery in my ongoing investigation of the materials, exploring their flexibility, strength and reflective qualities.